Sunday, February 10, 2013

True Conversations in our house:

I brought us both glasses of water. As we began to drink it, we had this little conversation:

Jeremiah: You didn't put any poison in this, did you?
Me: Just the usual one.
Jeremiah: ... the usual one?
Me: Yes. The usual one. Iocane powder. I've been building up your tolerance to it bit by bit. You're welcome.
Jeremiah: ... You are such a dork.

In other news, this happened:

Om nom foot.

And I've been making progress on the quilt. From the pile of squares it used to be, it now features some completed strips!

 These are some of the easier ones to piece together. just one, two, or three seams. Easy. Wonderful. Fast.  I really like how they're coming together too, and the purple shows up really well here. The contrast is good too, since it'll be really clear when it's done. The second photo is one of the inner pieces, where I am assembling the triangles I made out of all those squares. These strips are going to take a lot longer to put together. I'm still debating the green I used here. I think a much lighter green would have been better, but it's a little late to change it now.

Keep Scrolling

A little more ...

If I crouch, she can't see me.

BAM! Sudden topic change!

Here we witness a Sunday afternoon in the wild. We are lazing about on the couch, complete with cat sleeping and baby slouching. Chester is of the opinion that he needs to be protected from the caustic baby drool that so often pollutes his fur. (Not really.) See how Chester has cleverly employed a BabyShield? He says it is the perfect protector against a baby who will eat anything.
Om nom blanket.

PROOF! Here she is, trying to eat a blanket! RUN, BLANKET! RUN!! She says the blanket fuzzies are like the bonus marshmallows in your hot chocolate. Except they taste less better. And more fuzzy. And ew, what is that in my mouth? Did *I* do that? On purpose? What was I thinking. EW MOM COME AND SAVE ME FROM THE EBIL BLANKET!

Eat feet instead. More toes. Less fuzz.

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