Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello World.

Welcome to my new blog!

Om nom monkies.
 In this delightful installment, you shall learn a bit about me and my obsessions hobbies, my minions family, and what I do when I'm trying to avoid work.

 To start off with, I am a graduate student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. It sounds all impressive when I say it like that, so I try to say that at least once a day just to impress myself. Sometimes it even totally works. Everyone else in the world calls
It Begins. Can my desk get any MORE cluttered??
it Virginia Tech. There to the right you'll find my most precious daughter, Lois. She will feature prominently in this blog. I know you're jealous. Oh, and, just to finalize all the impressive stuff, I'm getting  Phd in Materials Science and Engineering. I've also got a certificate in Nuclear Engineering, and just to prove it's not all it's cracked up to be, I'm going to go ahead and use the wrong "your" here. Your right, it is a lot of work.

Feel better now?

In my hahaha, I crack myself up spare time, I quilt! And play with the baby. And snuggle with my sweetie. I just launched into a new quilting project, the beginning of which can be seen to the left there. That's the pile if 4 5/8" squares that will eventually become the complex number you can see in the pickture. (See! I can hardly spell! Don't be too impressed!) This pattern is called Labyrinth.
The fabric for the next stages, all cut out and organized.
The colors for this one are yellow, green, and purple, and I picked a charming pansy pattern to feature prominently in it. I do love pansies. They are such a happy flower. My favorite flower is a cyclamen though. It's an UPSIDE DOWN FLOWER! How cool is THAT?!
I can't wait to get sewing on this. Maybe I'll get to do some tonight! But not if I blog long enough that I have to work until midnight to make up the time. Boo. Hiss.

Not. Sleepy. NOT!

 This adorableness is just another picture of my adorable daughter. I did warn you that she's going to feature prominently. She does such adorable things. This version of red-faced adorable was provoked by me taking at least 30 seconds too long to deliver the bottle to the sleepy baby. She says she is NOT SLEEPY MAMA AND I DON'T NEED A NAP. She is quite earnest. She is also quite wrong.

What a marvelous tail.
And the last character I will be introducing today is this feline sanguinity known as Chester. Chester enjoys sleeping, sleeping, eating, sleeping, and catnip. He thanks you for the opportunity to sleep on the internet.

The other characters I will be introducing you to are Jeremiah my wonderful half, and Colette. Colette is Chester's littermate and is a bit camera-shy. She had a bad experience with a flash once.

At any rate, nice to meet you. Carry on. Enjoy your day. Try the veal. Tip your servers. Wear a coat. Don't swim for an hour after you eat.