Friday, February 8, 2013

Growing! She's GROWING!

Hello world.
Today was Lois' 6 month checkup. When she was born, she was so little and awake. This picture was taken right after she was born. Well, not RIGHT* after. They'd had time to clean her up and check her out and feed her a little bit. I have diabetes and when she was born her blood sugar was a little low, so they boosted it quickly with a little formula. *I* hadn't even seen her yet at this point, other than the peek over the curtain that I got during the c-section. She was squalling and covered in ick. I'll spare you THAT photo, but we do have it.
A bath? Now? But I JUST got my hair perfect!

These days she's looking more like this. Here we're having an in-depth conversation on the subject of diapers, baths, and bedtimes. Her point was punctuated by vigorous foot-flailing, and she was making a sweeping gesture with her left hand. Her other appendages didn't have an opinion. The hair was all for it.
Fun fact we've learned over the past few days: She is sensitive to the Pampers Sensitive Diapers. Put the regular baby-dry or the swaddlers on her? No problems. But the ones for sensitive skin broke her out into some diaper rash. This is SO definitely my baby.
Back to what I started out with... she's 6 months old! And today was her 6-month checkup. She is doing perfectly. She's long and skinny, 27.5 inches long, 15 pounds and 5 ounces. That's the 87% for height, and 33% for weight. The doctor is very happy with how she's developing and says to keep on with what we're doing.
This was right before the power went out.

Look at the cute baby bear! LOOK AT HER!

Ahem. I mean, isn't that little snow suit warm-looking? And what about the handsome man holding her? That is daddy. He is most wonderful, the source of tickling, funny noises, dinner, and cuddles. She loves her daddy. So do I. He's wrapped firmly around her finger, and he takes marvelous care of her. She makes it easy by being such a good baby.

Now, about that bear suit. She likes it. It tends to produce an instant nap in her, which I like. It's warm and cozy and makes her look like a little pink bear. Win-win-win.

And now I've introduced you to one more of the characters in my day-to-day life, my wonderful Jeremiah. He is totally awesome.
Not as awesome as this toe. Om nom toe.

*EDIT: Apparently she hadn't been fed yet. Just cleaned up and already being showered with daddy's love. I was shivering in a recovery room while they made sure I was okay after the c-section. They have these awesome pre-warmed blankets they give you in there. I think I had like 5 of them.

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  1. One small correction: She had not yet been fed in that first picture. This was right after I followed her into the special room and they hadn't even done her blood work fully. So she was bright and alert even before getting that bit of necessary food!