Friday, March 1, 2013

My brain. It blurts.

Actual conversation about dinner tonight, just in case you had any delusions about me not being the biggest dork on the face of the earth:

Jeremiah:  Well, Will and Amanda have plans. I'm up for dinner with you.
 me:  dinner with is totally.
 Jeremiah:  But was thinking something at home.
dinner with is totally?
 me:  I don't know. My brain blurted.
 Jeremiah:  laughs
Brain: Quick! Write something! Anything!
 Jeremiah:  Dinner with is totally!
Brain: What?
 me:  DInner! Yea! I'll say something about Dinner!!
 Jeremiah:  I have no idea!
 me:  It was something! About dinner! I win! Yay!

... yea. I know.

In other news, we are leaving to go out of town next week, and there is a lot of packing, planning, and errand running being conducted today. Starring my two favorite people:

Pink like bear!

Uh, mom? The world looks a little... tilted.
Jeremiah bundled up Her Royal Squirmyness because it was relatively cool outside in her absolutely adorable pink bear suit and we set off. Dropping me off at school was the first stop, and after that our intrepid explorers tackled Goodwill, Kroger, and Target (targ-ay). There were no casualties, and apparently all provisions were acquired. Including SWIM DIAPERS. Since the hotel we will be staying in has a pool, we are going to take the bear swimming. She really likes bath time, and if she didn't have the disconcerting habit of trying to lay down in the water, she'd be bathing in the whole tub, instead of just the little infant/toddler sized one.

Whatcha got mom? Can I eat it?
Since she was so adorable this morning, I went in for more pictures. She caught me trying to take a picture of the cuteness and wanted to help. Much better.

I'm so cool, I'm sleeping.

There isn't really a rhyme or reason for today's post. Just popping by to say hi.


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