Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I haven't forgotten you, I promise.

There has been cuteness going on. And work. And Skyrim.

Fun fact about Skyrim. You say "I'll only play for maybe 20 more minutes, then save and do something productive." You get done with what you were doing (Like say, totally exploring Faldar's Ruins and breaking 20 lockpicks while you break into the cashier's cage and sing "We're in the money" while cleaning the place out) and look at the clock and realize it's been at least an hour or more and you're getting glared at my the clock which is totally telling you that you're late late late mclatepants.

Anyway, the last two weeks has kinda been like that, and I have been slacker mcslackerpants about putting up the pictures from the San Antonio Missions. And updating you on Lois because let's be honest here, you only come for the baby pictures.

Anyway, I hope to finish the travel blogging soon, once I get these papers out and submitted and this annoying homework done.

See you then

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