Friday, July 12, 2013

You Lie!

We have just returned from visiting some of our very best friends in Ohio. I mentioned having this blog to my friend, who cried out: "You Lie!" Apparently he knows of and reads this blog and feels I do not post nearly often enough. He is right, of course.


Lois has some new tricks. First off, we have her new sleeping position:

Awww, aren't I adorable?

She used to just sleep flat on her back, as recommended by damn near everyone to prevent SIDS. Then the little stinker learned to roll over. She slept on her side then, or her back, but not on her belly. Then one day we walked in and she was all curled up with her butt in the air. It. Was. Adorable.

BUT WAIT! What is that on the side of the crib?
Apparently she wanted a light snack
consisting of varnish and stain.

Yes. The little stinkpot decided to gnaw ON HER CRIB rather than nap one day.

MMM Fiber.

As you can see, she has blessed two rails with the marks of her love.

Now, I suppose you can take this a few ways:

"Hey babe! I think we need to feed the baby more!"
"It's nothing to worry about. A little teeth sharpening is good for her."
"Congratulations, honey! It's a woodchuck!"

Me, I'm just going to watch her carefully for signs of tail growth. I mean, hamsters are sweet and all, but I don't want my adorable baby turning in to one.


We had a friend come to visit. For kicks and giggles, we went up to Mountain Lake (of Dirty Dancing fame) to check out the lake. I am pleased to report it seems to be filling up again:

Mountain lake is a pretty nifty place. The meadow is dammed by an ancient rockfall that blocked up the natural outlet. And voila! A lake was born.

However, since rockfalls aren't exactly watertight, if there isn't as much water flowing in as is leaking out, the lake will drain. Recently it completely dried up, leading to the discovery of some human remains of a long-lost guy named Samuel Ira Felder from 1921.

Read all about it here!

 Mountain Lake Resort is beautiful, and eventually I want to spend some time staying there and exploring all the awesome that is nearby. When the lake refills, it'll be great swimming and canoeing, but for now it is mostly a hiking area.

They have orienteering there, and that is something on my list of Things To Learn How To Do.
 This is Lois in her new strolled. Sorry about the orientation of the picture, but I want to get this written and posted and not spend any more time on it. I have to do some work! Eventually...

And I'll leave you with this. Conversations in our house:

"What'd you do with the bottle of Vitamin C, woman?!"
"I put it right in front of you."
Then he drank all my milk to wash them down.


As Jeremiah climbed into bed the other night he told me that my toothbrush was mad at him. I looked at him suspiciously for a moment, and then resignedly asked why.

"It bristled at me."

And, just now:

"A winky-face makes the mention of genocide that much softer."

Thanks folks! We'll be here all week! Tip your waitress!